June 28, 2006

Blackie Blogg-Up On Cripple Creek

And so we roll away from our last date with the Dave Mathews Band, the sounds of "Up On Cripple Creek" on the stereo. It's been a good if hectic couple of days. We've been recording a few tunes in a studio in Philladelphia with Steve (Los Lobos) and Dave, both very fine fellas indeed. It's been a great experience working with these guys and the results have been very rewarding.
The last DMB show went really well & people seemed to be getting down to the tunes. Another very fine & friendly chap as well Mr Mathews, it's been a pleasure being his guests.
So now we roll off to Toronto. We haven't been to Canada for some time now, so looking forward to getting back with those folks but first a 16 hr bus journey with a border crossing, oh well.

June 26, 2006

Blackie Blogg-Philly Cheese Steak anyone?

Well we find ourselves in Philly today after playing in Pittsburg yesterday, still have a general feeling of being dazed even though I had a pretty early night. The Philly Cheese Steak is on the breakfast menu but still it doesn't seem to appeal. I've had the chance many times but the thought of the resulting coronary still holds me back.
The important stuff though is that Australia are taking on the might of Italy today and seem to be holding there own so far. Come on the SoccerRoos!!

June 24, 2006

Blackie Blogg-Hung Over In Bristow

Hello again all.
I do hope you're feeling better than most of us today. We played in Richmond VA last night. All was looking good on arrival, time to relax for a while and catch up on the World Cup. Headed down to the venue at about 5pm soundchecked & then the heavens opened with the support of thunder & lightning. All was looking rather bleak & we thought no-one was going to turn up, fortunately the weather cleared though and although only a smallish crowd gathered they were indeed some of the finest people to play to & we all had a great time.
So back to being hungover today. It was Ben's 30th birthday yesterday, we headed out for sushi & sake in this great place where the duke box was accompanied by some classic videos Journey, Bon Jovi et al. If any of you were there did you happen to see the Proclaimers hanging out?

June 21, 2006

Blackie Blogg-Hello again!

Hello everybody,
I hope you are all well out there, it's been a while since I last spoke to you, must apologise, I've had a tew technical difficulties but all is resolved now.
Well we're in NYC today, die Grosse Apfel if you like. We're taking on the Webster Hall tonight which should be rather entertaining. Thanks to all who came to the show last night in Boston, there seemed to be quite a few representatives of Austin, Texas hanging around. It's pretty rare for people to travel very far at all to see a show in the UK, small island living I guess.
Anyway, just wanted to get back on track, I'll be back soon,

June 19, 2006

TomBlog - no rest for the wicked

Enroute to Annapolis to do a radio show on a roof. I appear to have lost my voice. Where its gone, nobody knows. We just came from Bonnaroo and then did a show last night with The Magic Numbers in Nashville. Bonnaroo was rough and ready, but fun nonetheless. Last night was a bit of a drunken car crash, the world in slow motion as musical manglement transpired..... but fun nonetheless. The Magic Numbers are lovely, lovely people and a splendid day was had by all. Boston awaits.
The world cup is a constant source of entertainment, although, with the exception of Argentina, noone appears to be really any good. I'm hoping Sven'll play Carrick behind Gerrard and Lampard against Sweden, but we can but dream. I have a good rant about how England don't need a coventional striker with Rooney, Lampard and Gerrard all attacking, but I'll save you the extremely boring details. Or maybe not.

Dear Sven,

please play this team.


Tommy Gomez x

June 08, 2006

TomBlog - in scouse land

UK tour day 4: three hot and heavy gigs later, here we are in Liverpool. One of the most beautiful days of the year and the liverpool academy must prepare itself to be duly rocked. Nice, if slighty baked, audiences have greeted us each night. Our bus is really a scandinavian sauna with wheels. Sleep has been extremely rare and damp. However, last night Mr. Jerry Hawkins put the stage fans on the bus and created a gale that registered on the beaufort scale. 9 hours of kip under my belt and today I feel like a new man. Adding to that sense of well-being I've been eating fruit like a crazy person. Mango, tangerine, banana, kiwi, pomegranite and blueberry all featuring in my day's diet. Now to re-tox.

June 06, 2006

Olly - Day Room Fun Part deux

Olly - Day Room Fun

Ooooooh! What an ugly bunch!

Blackie Blogg-Arrgggh!

Good show in Bristol & up til who knows what time last night & we're up against the mighty Bryan Adams in Newcastle the neet! Still can't make my mind up, play the show or go and watch Bryan?

June 01, 2006

Olly - Living the day back to front.


Well I've given up on trying to sleep....last night I went to bed at 6am and grabbed 3 hours, wooohoo! I'm sooo out of sync with the rest of England it's funny. Does anyone know whether the sun shines over here anymore or have we settled for shitty grey days all year round?! It's a good job we've been told to conserve water, cause I tell ya when the heat wave of the summer kicks in, sheesh, will be glad of it! I personally think we'll skip summer and go straight to Autumn. I guess it saves buying new flip flops, bad shorts and getting sun burnt on commons. I mean c'mon, I'm not asking for much but it's freakin' June for God's sake!

Off to get a fake orange tan,


WARNING! The above rant about the diabolical English weather should be taken with a large pinch of salt and it should be stressed, that no one take offence to the current climate troubles the country is experiencing. As judicator of this site and as unbias as I am, I do have to agree with Mr.Peacock what the F@*k is up with the weather!?