February 23, 2010

"And now, time for something completely different..."

On a recent trip in England, I heard Hue Stephens on the Radio announcing his Welsh word of the day. There were many brilliant words that sounded like he was making it up as he went along! What a crazy sounding language. Anyway, this has inspired me to do a "Portmanteau of the day". It seems America can't get enough of them, though few people know the meaning of the word or use it.

- a portmanteau broadly means a blend of two or more words and their meanings into one new word.

One of my all time faves and a classic in it's own right is the Croissandwich. Genius. I was personally stuck for all those years not knowing what to ask for in the Deli. "Can I have one of those sandwiches...er not the ones in bread, but the ones where the outer shell is a croissant"..."oh you mean a Croissandwich Sir!". And hereby demonstrating how our lives get easier with the use of a portmanteau. My goodness.


February 10, 2010

On the Horizon

We're heading to Chicago at the end of the month to begin proceedings for the next album, the record company will be tying a rope around the studio doors till we finish, Sly Stone style. It feels exciting not knowing what we're going to do next, who with, where and how.

We're releasing imminently a new live album encompassing concerts from last year. It sounds great after Ian's mixing and buoyed the spirits knowing we're playing really well. It will be available to download from the new website and CD's will be available at the March shows.

The New Website is being finally tuned and includes many new features for the first time. Media brings together all the videos, posters and photographs. Records streams all of our catalogue instead of the usual 30 seconds, I'm not really sure that helped me decide if I like the song or not snippet. Gear page details all the instruments we damage whilst playing our songs and future live downloads/free songs will be hosted through the site as well.

Alright enjoy the snow,