July 24, 2006


shit, it's hot...... how are you? do you have a pool i can crash? me and tomaten spent the evenin' at the mondrian pool 'cos that's the kind of guys that we are.... good people of california, i'm playing friday 4th august at le hotel cafe 2200hrs.... ponderin' what to play....any suggestions??? love and hugs....mister bally

July 10, 2006

Blackie Blogg-Festival Delights!

Wow, what a weekend it's been. Oxegen on Saturday and T-In The Park on Sunday, both unbelievable crowds. It's not that often after playing 100's of shows that you get carried away by the crowd reaction to that extent, but I think we were tearing through some of those songs simply on pure adrenaline after walking out to such reactions. We were all made up to be back over in this neck of the woods and have such a great reception so thanks to everyone who came.
Checked out some other cool stuff whilst walking round during the day, The Magic Numbers at T, we played a show recently in the States with these guys, you couldn't meet a nicer bunch of people & they are indeed a great live band. The Go Team were pretty damn crazy, I'm sure they're popping something in their tea, I think it's the same stuff that Tom has before he goes onstage, but all six of them have been at it, very entertaining & very energetic. The Who seemed to be doing a good job, I can't say I'm the worlds greatest Who fan, I like their hits I guess, but they definately still do their music justice & in good humour.
Hope there's plenty of you coming out to the Latitude Festival this weekend, if you can match the crowds of this past weekend it'll be a very happy band infront of you.

July 02, 2006

Blackie Blogg-And so it ends!

Well there it is folks the final show of our US run. Finishing up by playing to a sun drenched crowd basking on deck chairs in Indiana.
Flying home tomorrow evening back to the old homeland where I'll be busying myself with differing duties including laundry,oohh!, tidying, ahhh! Buying food, hoorah! I'll stop now as I'm sure this is really interesting. Must say I'm looking forward to my own bed, as steady a driver as our captain Harry "The Wing Commander" Wing is, there's nothing quite like your own bed rather than sleeping on the bus. Goodbye for now America! We'll be back, my guess is around Austin City Limits time.
See you there!

July 01, 2006

TomBlog - thumbs up

Found this in Cleveland looking for something to eat in the early hours. Suffice to say, it made me laugh out loud.

TomBlog - slowly deflating balloons

Bizarre wiggling ladies dance their merry latino shimmy through thick layers of make-up, dressed in freakishly anatomy-revealing lycra bikinis. Their dignity protected by the thinnest film of brazil's green and yellow colours. Beside them tanned middle-aged moustachioed men bleat on incomprehensibly, as we stare into the abyss of mexican cable football coverage, following our crushing defeat at the hands of the thoroughly mediocre Portugal. Everyone is forced to smile and boogie on this channel though it's preferable to ESPN's "we're not really sure what the rules are" coverage. England's tawdry display is now in stark contrast to the acid-infused colouring of mexican cable. Ouch.
We're parked outside a huge shed in cleveland. Parked sufficiently far away from each of the massive bridges, that weave over us, so the despicable satellite coverage can reach. I wish we had English pundits rolling their thumbs and comiserating with the nation. No such luck, there's a brazilian samba party we're all invited to. We've got a gig in about 3 hours, my spirits may falter. Now Will Smith is giving the performance of his life lifting weights to the beat of superstition. From Blackie's body language I can tell he's seen this movie and it's not good. My... things are looking up.

Blackie Blogg-World Cup Woe's

Oh dear! Who'd have thought it, England out after a penalty shoot out with Ronaldo the Show Poney (Sho'ney) finishing us off. Scolari doing it again. Arrrggghhh!
Well we are in Cleveland Ohio, an hour slot at 6pm tonight supporting Moe at the Tower City Amphitheatre. Had a really good time in Montreal last night. A great crowd who seemed well up for it. Special thanks to the two guys who charged down to the front in order to start a mosh pit, truly impressive behaviour. I bumped into one of them at about midnight out at a bar, wondered why he was only drinking orange juice until he told me he had to ride 400km on a bicycle today, Good Luck, rather you than me mate.
Well anyway the weather's great here so I might have to get outside & forget about football for a while.
Cheers all,