July 01, 2006

Blackie Blogg-World Cup Woe's

Oh dear! Who'd have thought it, England out after a penalty shoot out with Ronaldo the Show Poney (Sho'ney) finishing us off. Scolari doing it again. Arrrggghhh!
Well we are in Cleveland Ohio, an hour slot at 6pm tonight supporting Moe at the Tower City Amphitheatre. Had a really good time in Montreal last night. A great crowd who seemed well up for it. Special thanks to the two guys who charged down to the front in order to start a mosh pit, truly impressive behaviour. I bumped into one of them at about midnight out at a bar, wondered why he was only drinking orange juice until he told me he had to ride 400km on a bicycle today, Good Luck, rather you than me mate.
Well anyway the weather's great here so I might have to get outside & forget about football for a while.
Cheers all,


Blogger GOMEZSUCKS said...

What can you do?? I was routing for you England. I wanted to watch football, not theatre(wink, wink Portugal) and it was a pretty even played match. Seriously though, why did Carragher(brought in just for PKs) change his direction after the fact. Use some reverse tactics there and play the same corner for your kick. What are you gonna do? Good luck in 2010.

2:21 PM  
Blogger pf said...

How could carra be expected to take a penalty with his first kick of the game? That man has got bottle.

7:00 AM  
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