October 21, 2008

New Album!!! What the F*@k!

Mmmm well hello...

Where the hell have we been? Answer: making the God dam best freakin' record you ever did hear....will hear. Jeeez! Leave it owt wud cha! Yours truly along with the other cats have been beavering away writing hit singles, epic anthems, toons to make you ass wiggle, it's all in there, on the hotly anticipated new album. The release date is yet to be confirmed but the first quarter of next year is looking good. The record is expected to pick up innumerable awards from around the Globe, an effortless standard the Five Englishmen have attained.

The record has been made with Brian Deck in Chicago, Virginia, with additional Horns recorded in Brooklyn and Amy Milan singing in LA. We finished the final session last week after being in and out of the studio over the course of the last year in a drunken mess (which was nice), followed by a frenzy of mixing this week. Finally some special news, Gomez's Christmas single "Are you going to the Pub" will be bringing delight to Children's ears before you know it.


Blogger Wolfman Sanchez said...

Dudes! Great news! Brilliant! Hope that you guys can come to Brazil for pete´s sake. I tried my best at the Tampa concert this year, but that freakin heavy rain was just awful!

All the best!

8:14 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Great to see Ian out here in San Francisco this past weekend. I notice Ben is afraid to leave home...WTF Ben, Take a lead from Ian and lets add some of the cool cities here in the US to that solo tour!

7:09 PM  
Blogger Rob Everest said...

Yeah we know how much y'all love SmelLA ... make sure you hit here twice on the tour, eh?
Any idea what's the title name?

7:23 PM  
Blogger Bexta said...

Oh man this is so exciting, this news had made me feel so much better about travelling all the way to Tassie to go see Gomez at the Falls Festival.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Olavo Carvalho said...

Great! We are waiting for you guys in Brazil!

8:43 PM  
Blogger Rossine said...

Another attempt...sounds ok I guess...hopefully (and I'm not holding my breath here) you've gone back to what made you one of the most unique sounding bands. Do people really want to hear you "cry on demand"? What ever happened to heavy tunes such as The Dajon Song, Gomez in a Bucket, Revolutionary Kind, and California??? I still say your best work was released as B-sides from 99 - 02. Think about it.

9:19 PM  
Blogger najeroux said...

Anything coming from the Mez Kitchen makes my mouth water. Can't wait! Will see you kids in Sydney.


1:19 AM  
Blogger jeroen said...

Well man that's great we can't wait.

3:00 AM  
Blogger boo said...

Thank God! Come back to the UK soon, we had tickets to see you in Manchester in September but becauses we work for arses we weren't allowed any time off and missed the gig!
Sophia xx

4:07 AM  
Blogger porta said...

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4:49 AM  
Blogger porta said...

Yuhu!!! Don't forget Spain in your tours!

4:50 AM  
Blogger Greg J said...

I can't wait to hear the new stuff. Great work. Brilliant. Hope there's some pre-sale for the CD and a big NYC show. See you then.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

That early Bside stuff is my favourite of the catalogue too, but you can't expect good bands to just keep on churning out the same stuff (although it HAS worked for the Rolling Stones). I'm interested in any path Gomez take, cos they're just great musicians who each bring something to the band. Keep writing those melodies...

Oh yeah, come to Adelaide when you're in Oz... that gig at the Gov was fantastic... Last time you said "See you in a year or so..." which could be seen as a legally binging contract in Australian law ;)

8:50 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Please come to Minneapolis ASAP, I miss you :)

12:32 PM  
Blogger Sharon J said...

Thank GOD! Have missed the flurry of touring that I've been spoiled with over last coupla years w/HWO album...! its been like the early B.I.O., L.S., I.O G., years... hopefully you hit the States BIG time this time round.. tough travelin to LA and Chicago (although I did!) for solo/rare dates. ;) Hey - if you guys are looking for a fun place in between your (hopefully) NYC & Boston Spring dates, try Saratoga Springs!! (or nearby Albany/Troy) Its the shiznit - Ask your buddy Dave Matthews !
LOVE you guys - lookin forward to the next time.. And, agree with Alex - you take whatever path you want musically - they're all EONS above the cr*p out there and I'll take it - its ALL appreciated and played over and over and over... :) - Sharon

12:34 PM  
Blogger lander said...


You know we love to see you down here in sunny San Diego, why not take a holiday and play a few shows here? That way you can write the sequel to Tijuana Lady.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Alright now! Awesome news with the new music. Now get yer butts to California and play San Francisco or even better Santa Cruz @ the Catalyst, Dammit! You're killin' us ova 'ere dudes! We neeeeed some live GOMEZ BADLY! Please hurry! Let me talk to your friggin' booking agent, I mean Jeez! That person is slackin'! C'mon now... GOMEZ in Central Coast California. I'm gonna start chanting!

9:06 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Alright now! Awesome news with the new music. Now get yer butts to California and play San Francisco or even better Santa Cruz @ the Catalyst, Dammit! You're killin' us ova 'ere dudes! We neeeeed some live GOMEZ BADLY! Please hurry! Let me talk to your friggin' booking agent, I mean Jeez! That person is slackin'! C'mon now... GOMEZ in Central Coast California. I'm gonna start chanting!

9:06 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Alright now! Good to hear about the new music. Now get your butts to California and play Central Coast such as San Francisco or even better Santa Cruz @ the Catalyst. Please hurry! You guys are killin' us ova 'ere! We're dyin' to hear and dance to some live GOMEZ! Am I gonna to have to talk with your booking agent, I mean JEEZ! A full show HEADLINER!!! None of this opening band 45 minute tease. The Catalyst will take you in and Santa Cruz will be happy to pack the place for ya! C'mon... we wanna be on the next friggin U.S.A. tour, dammit!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Velvet Jones said...

Come back to Vermont!!!

10:35 PM  
Blogger klyde said...

And don't forget way up north in California--it's where all the good people disappear to! (No offense, good people elsewhere.) Over ten years...must be gathering some good friggin material--and a whole lot of road-weary wisdom, can't wait to hear this one!! Can't wait, can't wait!! BringItOn BringItOnBringItOnBringItOn BringItOnBringItOnBringItOn BringItOnBringItOnBringItOn BringItOnBringItOnandonandon

12:37 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Would it matter if I put my vote in for Project in my Pants?

That way we could refer to it as PIMP on the boards! :)

Can't wait to hear the new album. thanks for posting a new blog; this is definitely something you all should get back into the routine of doing...we miss you guys!

2:17 PM  
Blogger Ave Maria said...

Such exciting news. I can't wait to hear it, I just know i'll love it.

4:06 PM  
Blogger bobbieleann said...

Gomez---you have some loyal fans here in Nashville, Tennessee. We love your music....make more, make more, make more. We will buy it and love it and play it at our parties over and over again.

You Rock.

12:47 PM  
Blogger bobbieleann said...

oops not just "some fans" .... A LOT of fans!!! ; 0

1:21 PM  
Blogger CASS said...

Good news. Saw your "Bring it On" gig at the Forum & Ben at Borderline earlier this year but a new album is someting to savour.

Look forward to the gigs to support it.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

New album? One word..


6:34 PM  
Blogger womble13 said...

on behalf of the entire Perth Gomez loving population, WTF?!!! why only the SouthBound gig? Come back to Perth!!!

Please? Pretty please with a vodka infused cherry on top?

10:34 PM  
Blogger SKWIDLEE said...

Need new Gomez NOW...Bring it on to Humboldt County...not sure if I can wait 'til "early 2009".
Just what does that REALLY mean?
The sooner, the better.

5:49 PM  
Blogger hangovergirl67 said...

Lovely news! Can't wait to hear the new stuff. PLEASE schedule a headline show in Atlanta. We miss you here! We want to see a full show-not a 20 minute opening!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Samuel said...

What the F*@k ! New Album ! Unbelievable !

6:09 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Great news-please try to visit Detroit this year-we finally ditched that dirt ball Mayor Kiwame Kilpatrick-I hope the new album is true to your roots-Revolutionary Kind, Get Miles, Rex Kramer-

NO MORE Cry on Demand or Girl Shaped Love Drug-Awful songs from a great band!!

12:04 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

pleaaaase!! come to argentina!! i´d die for see you playing alive here :(

12:30 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

wicked news. already got my tix for Falls on NYE and the Palais shows in Melbourne...you should try get on the ATP list while your at it fella's....and Meredith...that would rock....

and I actually quite like Cry on Demand....

6:22 PM  
Blogger Oli Cad said...

Well it's about time!

2 Great initial albums followed by countless substandard commercialised rubbish albums and then desserted in favour of America, us british fans deserve some TLC from Gomez because I'm guessing all the fans that helped you win the Mercury Music Prize many years ago have since forgotten you exist!

10:29 AM  
Blogger Pepsi said...

A new album and a new tour, though this time you guys are hitting the RSL / Leagues Club circuit in Sydney.


Tony Hadley ex-Spandau Ballet has just been here hitting the RSL / Leagues Club circuit.

Have you joined the has been circuit ????

Oh the pain.

8:17 PM  
Blogger James said...

Fantastic! But when are you going to a gig in Perth that isn't at a festival? I'm desperate to see you guys but couldn't make Blues and Roots and Southbound this year isn't a goer either :-( Come on guys, we love you out west here!

3:29 AM  
Blogger support said...

Hey guys, loving your stuff get your ass to glasgow!!!!

7:06 AM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

Oh man. I'm so psyched for this. Forget the album, I can't wait to see another show!
In other news, if I were to ever see any of you in Brooklyn, I think I would faint.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Kell_skydive said...

Yahoo! See you guys at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Oz on Jan 11th :D Cant wait, we love you guys so much so that my hubby and i got married to your "Rhythm and Blues Alibi" :)

2:42 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Get your asses to sweden!

10:43 AM  
Blogger Leovinus said...

Do you actually read them
all? And Will you be
coming to the US sometime
(everybody ELSE seems
to be asking... but I'm
asking anyways) Make
sure to go somewhere in
the vicinity of NE Ohio!
p.s. please add some buttons to the store?

8:32 AM  
Blogger Mickey said...

Oh! Great!
I'm wating for this special day.
Please come to Tokyo!

7:51 PM  
Blogger KEV_UK said...

Cannot wait for the album, whens it due out? I am lucky to be in Sydney due to work just as you guys are playing consecutive nights at Luna Park and The Metro...I am from Newcastle in the Uk so it is stange to be watching you at the other side of the world!!! Keep up the good work, looking forward to the album and the gigs!

6:55 AM  
Blogger Rosie said...

He Guys! Awesome news Can't wait to hear the Album. Your fans in Perth, Australia would love to see you more often. I'm in the UK now, so it's not such a long wait between Gomez drinks...
Ben- see you at Borderline tonight!

6:47 AM  
Blogger Flaquito said...

Great to hear about the new album! When are you coming down to Argentina? We love you here!

6:20 AM  
Blogger justinecs said...

thanks guys I've just been at the Palais and you rocked my world .....again. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so very well.Cant wait to hear more of your new music. Hope to see you again soon.

8:06 AM  
Blogger rach said...

God I missed you guys! I don't think i sat still or stopped smiling ear to ear from the moment you guys walked on stage to the moment you left last night at the palais. fantastic set, left us aching for more.

can't wait for tuesay night.

thanks for the taste of your new stuff too, very cool.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Ian Langton said...

Gomez bring it to Ireland!! You know you want to!

6:36 AM  
Blogger stephen said...


11:39 AM  
Blogger fiddlemethis said...

Booked a flight for a short trip to NYC from the UK to see Gomez on the 03/31 and they've sold out.... Nightmare...

Some tout bastard is selling 12 tickets on ebay for £75 each.

Touts should be stopped.

4:26 AM  
Blogger Joe Herrera said...

not only is it awesome news that a new record is on it's way, but you're coming to Asheville NC and I have tickets! I saw you guys open for Dave Matthews, but that's just not the same.

Can't wait

11:42 AM  
Blogger deepjunk said...

Looking forward to the new album.
Can't wait to see you in Asheville again. Always a good show. I've been a fan from the beginning. I read that this album might be a bit of a return to your "more experimental roots".... I'll drink to that!

9:28 PM  
Blogger Clarke said...

Go Gomez Can't wait to hear new album . I'm sure it wiil be a great sound to my ear . Cheers from Australia

4:57 PM  

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