August 29, 2006

TomBlog - where else?

Alright...swallow the painkillers, the echinacea my wife insists I imbibe, the glass of fizzing Berocca. Hope the large and delicious Adelaide breakfast stays put inside. Let the waves of nausea pass. Good morning Australia. Cough, cough, cough etc, etc. Why did I smoke last night? Did I imagine that adding that to the libation and jetlag would leave my voice sounding like a skylark? Good god I feel like a sack of rubble. It took 27 hours to get here and just 4 to get completely shit-faced.

We play the Governor Hindmarsh in Adelaide tonight. Over the past week we've played festivals in Portugal, Belgium and three in the UK. Ian has gone viral and his belly with it. Spent the morning, afternoon and evening on the throne phone. The rest of us are just lagging behind. We take to the stage in a near euphoric state of disorientation and manage to wade through our set. Ben is convinced after the gig that everything sounded slow. He's right, but everything seemed to be moving slowly with it. I pop out of the smokey ( to the point of suffocation) dressing room and run into legions of lovely kids waiting for a squiggle. Our fans are as sweet and patient as ever. Except for one inebriated customer who wants to comiserate about the lack of We Haven't Turned Around in the setlist. I watch his moustache bounce up and down as he waffles on at me. Sorry, sorry, next time etc.

We dive into a van out back and skid off toward our hotel. I sit up with Ben and Dajon having a beer, talking about nothing much until about 2.45 am, then stagger back to bed. Alarm rings at 6am. I've dreamt, rather unsurprisingly, about needing to get to the airport to meet my missus. A fitful 3 hours sleep. I begin another hotel breakfast in earnest. The crew and band appear in dribs and drabs while I sink vegemite on toast with four cups of english breakfast tea. It seems everyone has been stung by extremely expensive phone and internet charges so there's quite a to-do at the hotel reception. I quietly munch to the sounds of Stevie Wonder – excellent morning music. Blackie has a phone bill for $140. Ouch.

We jump in a strangely decorated coach and get underway to the sounds of Brass in Pocket, also excellent morning music. It finishes and paltry talk-radio kicks in. Dreary nonsense seems to be the main discussion point and callers are opinionated about the many ways in which dreary nonsense affects them. Bring back Chrissie Hynde.

Now I'm in Adelaide airport and the whole place looks like its made out of expensive chopping boards. The middle classes of Australia must have nowhere to slice their celery. A pale Hotel-chic airport, although I like the Lloyd-wright gently sloping ceiling. Families and business men swarm about me. One fella has the most extraordinary rat's tail mullet I've ever seen. He must use it to talk to the cosmos or something. What he chooses to discuss with said cosmos I can only imagine. I imagine engine size and speed is a hot topic. He's stood up to accept his medication from his wife. Maybe that controls the growth of his hair humunculous.

We have to get to Darwin to do promo. Promotion: that nebulous, dark matter that makes up 30% of making music for a living. Today its radio. Everyone assures me that most Australians have never been to Darwin. I don't know whether to take this as a good or bad sign. Let's hope its a jewel. It turns out that today is not even as bad as its gonna get in terms of sleepless nights. Apparently we finish our festival appearance in Darwin at 1.30 am and have a 5.30 am lobby call to fly to Perth, to do a show that night. I can hardly control my anticipation.

And so, sitting on a Boeing 737, watching Dajon struggle to open his complementary box of cornflakes, hemmed in the middle seat between him and Dave, our tour manager: the filling in the manwich, I will leave you. A month of shows ahead of me and very little chance of a good kip.


Blogger mytvc15 said...

Hi Tom! What a great journal entry, it’s almost like being there. I agree with your wife, take the herbal supplements, drink plenty of liquids --no, not libations; water, tea, and chicken soup. And get your rest; you are starting to repeat yourself! Sleep as much as possible, you will heal sooner if you stay down. With your unbelievably heavy tour schedule you need your strength. I hope all of you get better soon.

9:52 PM  
Blogger teacoldwine said...

Awww bless.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Leocadia said...

Anything worth saying is worth saying twice. Or is it laying? I forget.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Viola D said...

Heeeeey. I've read this somewhere before...

*cough* drum media *cough*
Go Journalist Tommy, go!

Rest your head, little one, and get yourselves healthy soon!

7:57 AM  
Blogger gomezaregods said...

I have spent the last six years avoiding finding out which one of you belonged to each voice, just waiting until I see you perform live for the mysteries to be solved. Result: mind blowingly brilliant life experience. Got to see you at the Metro in Freo Aug 27 where you exceeded all expectations. Now have life before your performance and after. So distracted by the end of the show, I forgot to buy a shirt. Major consolation prize is one of the boys gave me a guitar pick! Can't wait until you are in my part of the world again. Will try to be more composed next time and be patient waiting for "get myself arrested

7:58 AM  
Blogger CJ said...

Hi 'Mez, Looks like you guys have a few gigs coming up where you stay in one place for a few days (Melbourne & Sydney)... that oughtta help you adjust just in time for you to fly back across the globe again, oh well. Speaking of 3-fers-- can't wait to see you in NYC! Ian, Tom- hope you feel better soon. Cheers for now, CJ.

(PS- found a great photo I'd love to send but not sure where to attach it.)

10:43 AM  
Blogger kettlewitch said...

When I read your last entry I felt so shitty for moaning about you never being here in the UK. Four countries, two continents and thousands of miles across lord knows how many timezones in one week must take it out of you lads. But know matter how sleep-deprived,exhausted or ill you are,on stage you never let it show. Gomez truly are the hardest working band on the planet.

Its only when you are away from home that you miss the little things,like waking up in your own bed, eating your own food, and using your own bathroom!

I feel your pain. Living out of a suitcase in a different hotel every night, with little or no sleep and being folded up into some impossibly small space on a plane is my idea of hell on toast. I only hope there are plenty of groovy bits in between.


11:22 AM  
Blogger chadcaper said...

damn Tom.... sounds like you guys need a good 3 week stint across Canada....come back and just take your time and take in the great Canadian air... you'll feel 20 years old again... and do a show on the east coast.... you'll feel right at home

1:30 PM  
Blogger OZROB said...

boys, boys, boys. for a bunch of sleep deprived lads your show on the 27th at Freo was awesome.
Your ability to perform so well and get the crowd bouncing is a skill not many bands can do. New it would be a great night when u started the set with Shot Shot!
Ian you are my hero and Notice is a brilliant song.
So thankyou gomez for a great night and for visiting WA again!!
Please come back soon, until then my ipod will be ringing with the your melodic tunes.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Glaaaaas said...

Hey lads,

Missed my favourite band playing in my hometown of Perth by four days :( But rest assured I'm in the dusty south of Eygpt right now and when I'm done you'll have a whole new country of fans to contend with!

Keep it going Tom you'll get there mate

6:33 AM  
Blogger jacinta said...

Tom, man, you can write! It's true however, most Aussies have never been to Darwin, you're one up on me there!

9:25 PM  
Blogger gomezgeek said...

for the record, I don't think that you and Ian have ever sounded better on tour...granted I wasnt in aust. BUT when I did see you I was actually blown away by how improved the vocals were live. tho you might not have been as drunk as usual heehee.

are you gonna rewrite dire tribe with some fuckin echinacea now? ah just joshin ya.

ever heard of Emergen-C's? fuckin awesome. maybe Ill bring some to the next show for you.

write on brotha from anotha motha, write on.

2:03 AM  

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