August 23, 2006

Blackie Blogg-G'day!

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been such a long time since getting in touch, hope you're all still doing well out there.
The activity has been a bit here & there as we've been playing festivals of late. We were over in Portugal as you've seen, then we were off to Belgium for the Pukkelpop (check spelling) Festival, back to UK for Beautiful Days & the V festivals. We had a great time at all of the above & your support, drunken dancing/staggering & singing was greatly appreciated by us all. It was great to see so many enjoying the festival spirit & turning up to share it with us, as I hope we did with you.
So back to touring we are and I'm blogging at you all from Adelaide, Australia. We arrived maybe a couple of hours ago after a flight from London via Singapore with a healthy lay over of seven hours in Singapore. Drinking & being massaged were the only things to do really, so I guess we'd be pretty valuable at the butchers right now given the price of Kobe Beef.
We'll be starting our tour in Adelaide then heading upto Darwin for the Groovin' The Moo Festival, I'm not quite sure what we'll be expected to do to groove the said "moo", hope it's nothing too untoward but a first visit to Darwin all the same & looking forward to it.
See you Aussies along the way,


Blogger OZROB said...

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8:21 PM  
Blogger OZROB said...

gday gomez chaps, first i would like to say its great u guys are touring here in freo again. last gig was awesome and the wife and i are really looking forward to sunday.
Just a strange thing i thought u would like to know:
Last gig u guys were here my wife was 2 months pregnant with our first child. Now u are touring again and low and behold she is again 2 months pregnant. So as much as i love u guys can u please not tour here for another 4 years. i cant afford any more kids! haha!

Anyway, good luck with the tour well done on the new album its great. Not what i expected which is what makes u guys so good.
especially 'cry on demand', great song, hope u play it on sunday.
cheers lads, from rob and joni

8:26 PM  
Blogger Fi said...

Hey hey.

Great show last night at the Gov, f*cking awesome, as always.

I just woke up. My ears are still ringing. I must have passed out in my new RED Gomez hoodie, they're very groovy. Thanks for signing it Ben and Tom.

I wish I could see your show(s) in Melb, alas I've got no money left!

Hope the rest of the gigs are great.

Get better Ian.

xxx Fi

9:35 PM  
Blogger max said...

gday guys,

wicked show at the gov, best yet! love the new album, keep 'em coming. hav a look at my mates photos from the night...

good times,

7:43 PM  

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