August 03, 2006

Blackie Blogg-Hey up Y'all!

Hello out there. Hope you're all doing well. Not much going on at this end at the moment as you can probably gather. There's been a little time off before we go back into the festival scene & then over to Australia, but all's quiet at the moment, which is good for Ol as it gives him time to send some of his monkey collection in for repairs & any polishing that may be required.
Cheers all,
Stay tuned, turn in & drop off?


Blogger Rex Kramer said...

Hey up man :-)

It seems to be quiet all over at the moment, but insaying that it is summer time (my bob the builder paddling pool kicks ass by the way)

I should have taken a picture to share of the novelty vending machine in firewater across the road from the abc in glasgow. Blow up sheep, love eggs and what appeared to be a battery operated banana mould? And they say brits are stuffy?

Well, i hope all is well with you and the gang and i look forward to your return to these fine shores later on in the year :-D

All the best

10:21 AM  
Blogger gomezgeek said...

I want a bob the builder wadding pool dammit. im so jealous of you rexy, in so many ways.

this isn't quiet time, this is recuperating time...cuz ya'lls better be out partying like madmen soon on the west coast : D

god bless the gomez

4:15 PM  
Blogger Leocadia said...

Are you ever gonna shut up about that vending machine, Kramer?

... I thought not.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Rex Kramer said...


I love it when you flirt, im going to email you again & tell you about a vending machine i once saw in glasgow... :-D

Gomezgeek, i have a spare just in case the other bursts (stupid stilettos) Its yours if you want it ;-)

12:45 PM  
Blogger jacinta said...

Quiet time is mandatory. Much rest will be needed if you are next on your way to Australia! We await your arival with bells on, giant megaphones and lots of cold cold beer!
And, even a THIRD show announced for Melbourne! Lucky lucky us...

7:18 PM  
Blogger smackers said...

Little treats like seeing you and ben at the Arts club are always a joy and keep us fans going. Even when we do turn up late and stagger in a little worse for wear trying try navigate through a small crowd in an annoying dress and dodgy pair of heels. Oh and probably stinking of garlic!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Ryn said...

And now "How We Operate" is a commercial on AMC or rather the commerical is an ode to the song. Very nice.

So how was Ben's gig? No news?

2:58 PM  

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