October 25, 2006

TomBlog - bleary man

We just finished a few days of mental breakdown-inducing work/gigging. 3 songs on telly, an iTunes session ending at 5.30 am, an extravagant meal of epic proportions (thank you melissa x), a conference gig in a restaurant, filmed interviews, 5 gigs, a radio performance, and much more in an 8 day non-stop whirlwind fun storm. My brain is over-medium. I haven't slept for 3 days. My legs ache. I think I need a break. 2 days off in a month is starting to burn a bit.
I think the iTunes went well. I wrote a song especially, just a me and a guitar thing, but we were so tired/drunk/perfectionist, I can't really be sure how things turned out. I'll get to hear the results in a day or two - here's hoping...... my horn playing friends Jordan and Stuart from Antiballas came and did the session and the SF show the night after. They put their stamp on a couple of old favourites for the session. They bring so much enthusiasm with them, it's hard not to get caught up in their thing. Really splendid gents. Danna from Matt Pond P.A. did an awesomejob on the cello at our Warfield show too. It's inspiring to teach a fellow musician one of our songs and get them up on stage with us. I enjoy the process a lot.
Tucson is proving to be a really surprising place. The hotel is unreal - hotel congress - and the gig is beautiful - rialto theatre. The place is all perfectly kept the way it was in the thirties. It's so rare to see old stuff in the US, it turns out to be a deeply affecting experience. Settles the soul. Glad I'm gonna wake up in Vegas.......

October 12, 2006

Blackie Blogg- Fan's eye photo's from Bowery, New York!

New York we salute you!

Big bad Benny. Man mountain

Couple of likely chaps.

Nice lights.

Our fine horn section in full flow. We wish we had these guys everywhere.

More to follow when I have a bit more time.Thanks to Caryn Midler for the photo's.