September 26, 2006

The Tonight Show - Olly

Er, like I just totally deleted my last blog, duh! Ar, who cares! Basically I was on a plane and saw ourselves on The Tonight Show, like whatever.


Blogger Ryn said...

Dude, that was hillarious and cool. Plus it adds to that whole fans living vicariously through you guys. How many of your fans can say, "yeah, so I was on a plane and watched myself on Leno which I'd been at earlier that day"? Don't sell the experience short.

I'll be here eveyday at 7pm Pacific time to slap you with reality whenever needed.

10:13 PM  
Blogger jjn_72 said...

Hello Chaps, Can't say i know to much about this Leno character. I hear he's big in the USA. Is he like an American Terry Wogan? Nice work getting to play on his show. I'm travelling from London with my girlfriend and will be see you at the Bowery Saturday night and she doesn't know...hehe! ps any chance could post your setlists from previous gigs on your website?

9:51 AM  

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