April 29, 2006

Olly Blah Blah Blah - The Man On The Street Says Yes!


So I was walking down 5th Av New York, minding my own business, well writing a text message and I hear this conversation from behind me...Two fellas are talking about new music they've been listening to. My ears are picking up parts of the coversation...."nah, I don't like the vocalist...it's ok...not really into them ....etc until I hear one of them say, "oh I got the new Gomez record". His mate asks what it's like...."it's gooood" he replies with enthusiam. They walk along side me and I shoot a bewildering glance at them...they look at me like, what chu looking at!

There you have it, the average man on the street likes it - super, smashing great!

See y'all at a show real soon,



Blogger lance said...

i wonder if that was me you heard...i love the new CD..cant stop listening to "notice", "how we operate" and "charley patton songs" -- pissed that i see there are no NYC shows in the near future, only the ones with DMB..thanks for everything

10:26 AM  
Blogger Lorelei said...

Perhaps they didn't recognize you without the blond streaks... fame, such a fickle mistress

11:31 AM  
Blogger penelope said...

You shouldn've said "What!! How do you have a copy of the new Gomez, it isn't released yet. Are you stealing music? You pathetic little theif, you are low..." then he would tell you he had a legitimate advanced copy and you might feel sheepish, but then again maybe not. And you could consider yourself a crime fighter.

Well, congratulations on the positive feedback. That must be nice.

1:48 PM  
Blogger MrBuzzy said...

You were walking in front of Gill and Ben weren't ya ;)

4:41 AM  
Blogger D.E.G. said...

Don't take it personal...We look at everyone like that. Even those we DO recognize ;)

10:26 AM  
Blogger Chamboosy said...

Not just goooood. It's very bloody goooooood.

1:27 PM  
Blogger jacinta said...

of course the average man/woman loves ur music, not the whole world is completely tone deaf! they just dont have the somewhat obsessive capability of knowing it was u looking at them!

5:21 AM  
Blogger La said...

If you passed me in the street I'd probably faint. Actually, thats a lie, I've passed all of you on various occasions and haven't said a word because I couldn't - i get shy. Infact, Tom and Ben walked through Southampton last time you played there and walked straight past me and I didn't say hello like i wanted to. I have never regreted anything more (cos i got the piss ripped out of me for fucking ages by my mates). Next time i see any of you I'll say hello :)

6:32 PM  

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