August 08, 2007

So long Olly!

Does this mean no more ceramic monkey & Iguana collecting?

August 06, 2007

Olly is forced out against his will....

6 August 2007

It came as a shock to the rest of the band, that drummer, Olly Peacock hung up his sticks and frustratingly announced his departure today. He was quoted as saying, "I've had the best time playing in this band, but could never imagine I would be ejected under such circumstances".

Peacock has been immediately replaced by Ethan Elliott, an 18 month prodigy from Austin, Texas. The band could not deny his "one stick" skills and felt Peacock was over the hill and out of shape. The young star apparently showcased his talents at Gomez's recent Austin Parish show.

The new mini sized drummer appeared nonchalant when asked about taking over the Gomez throne and had a little to say on the subject other than, "Peacock sucks".

Peacock was last seen cursing little Ethan, begging for his job back and calling him a little punk. Elliott has already begun rehearsals with the band and will heavily feature in the writing process for the next studio album.

Ethan Elliott displaying his "one stick" approach, a first in the drum world. Erika Elliott (mother), proud of her son's extraordinary skills.