March 08, 2006

Benblog 'The Royal Act'

Good morning gomez world. Thank god after eight years we finally have a proper site and also this great if potentially dangerous outlet for our inane ramblings. This morning finds me a little worse for wear as a big bully named Dajon locked Balls, Peacock, Blacky and I in his house, plied us with booze and forced to listen to a band he refered to as 'the royal act' (this turned out to be Queen). I left Dajon and Bally at four in the morning as they started to discuss in great detail the finer points of Mercurys stage attire - most unpleasant. Thank god for Olly who is currently saving my life with tea. The last week or so has been a very busy one in Gomez world and, despite Ian's incesscent whining about the British weather, pretty productive. We've been getting the new tunes into a good state for Austin (the new record is fantastic), recording B-sides and generally gearing up for the latest onslaught. If anyones stuck for new tunes check out a record called 'this is...' by a band called Tuung, this may be a little hard to get hold of but definitely worth while. The singer is an old friend of mine called Sam Genders who taught me how to play slide guitar. Very nice of him...anyway onwards. Ben.


Blogger ocean said...

Hey Ben that sounds great....gearing up for the tour that will have you playing at the Orange Peel for a full week of shows....and unveiling that complete Led Zeppelin cover!


10:20 AM  
Blogger TheatreCrazyRedhead said...

Hey Ben...Can't wait to hear the new album and see you guys Stateside in Cali!

4:13 PM  
Blogger FemmeFM said...

Finally received new single, most excellent!! We anxiously await another great Bonnaroo performance. Too bad we can't getcha for our Zewtopia music festival.
Roll On
Lee Ann WZEW-FM, Mobile

11:46 AM  
Blogger anothermoron said...

I hope yall play in florida this year. Ill be looking forward to the new album. Bout time you got a new website. Keep up the good work....

1:49 PM  
Blogger Rupert Toby Georges said...

So amazingly true! But OMG why are not you performing at The Great Escape?!

6:22 PM  

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